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In this marketing age, knowing local SEO is very important for you if you want to increase website visibility and customers in your local area. Local SEO is a technique to optimize a website for local search queries. If it is optimized well, it will bring your website to the first page of the search engine when a local customer searches for your business service or product.

How you found me in the search results by searching on Google to learn about free local SEO consultation. That’s not something to throw away because, according to Google, there are approximately 3.2 billion local searches made every day in the world. This means that every second, about 37,000 people are using a local search engine to find information about products and services online.

Speaking from our experience, any business should consider incorporating local SEO into their online marketing strategy. All our clients who have taken local SEO services have established themselves as successful businessmen.

What is The Difference Between SEO & Local SEO?

Those of us who know a bit about SEO or local SEO might think that local SEO and SEO might be the same. But that’s not right, the two are different.

ExplanationThe process of optimizing a website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).Focuses on optimizing a website to rank higher in local search results.
GoalIts aim is to increase a website’s visibility and bring in more organic traffic.Attract more customers from a specific geographic area.
Examples“Best pizza in New York City” or “SEO tips for beginners”It aims to increase a website’s visibility and bring in more organic traffic.
FocusKeywords, backlinks, and overall website authorityLocation, customer reviews, and citations

Do you know Why local search marketing services are important for your business?

If you have no idea about local search marketing, you may have many questions. Like how important it is for your business, whether should you invest here or not etc. No problem, let me explain everything

Local SEO is necessary in all types of business. It can be Local businesses, Service-based businesses, Online businesses, Professional services etc. Investing in local SEO services can be a great way to grow your business because it can help you attract more reach customers in your local area. 

Increased Visibility and Website Traffic: Local SEO helps your business appear higher in search results when people search for businesses or services in your area.

Improved Brand Awareness: This makes it easier for your potential customers to remember your business when they make a purchase decision.             

More Targeted Leads and Customers: Local SEO helps you attract more targeted leads and customers who are interested in purchasing your products or services. thereby increasing sales and conversions.

Cost-effective marketing: This can be a very cost-effective way to market your business. Like print ads and television ads, local SEO can be done for a relatively small investment.

increase online reputation: Local SEO will help you increase your online reputation

Drive more phone calls: Local SEO will help you increase phone calls to your business. This can be a great way to generate leads and sales.

Build trust and credibility: Local SEO helps you build credibility with potential customers. By showing up in local search results, having a positive online reputation can make your business more credible to potential customers.

Stay ahead of the competition: Local SEO is becoming increasingly important for all types of businesses. If you haven’t done local SEO yet, you’re probably lagging behind your competitors.

What are Local SEO Consulting Services?

SEO consulting is a process where an SEO consultant helps you find and optimize your website to improve your website ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

How can a free SEO consultation help Your business?

If you have no prior SEO knowledge, a free SEO consultation can be great for you to get started. This will help you learn about digital marketing and decide whether you want to invest in local SEO services for your business without a contract.

In our free SEO consultation, you will learn all about local SEO, and understand our steps to increase your online traffic and grow your business. You will also get an in-depth analysis report of your website that will help you understand where to implement on your website, and what actions are important to increase your business success.

Why you should do our free local SEO consultation?

We believe we can reach your ideal customer the same way we reached you. Won’t try to lock you into a deal like everyone else By taking our SEO services, you can rank your website in search engine results and be successful in achieving your business goals.

Expertise: We have the expertise and experience to help improve website rankings.

Time-saving: Relying on us saves you time so you can focus on running your business.

Results: We will help you get measurable results, such as increased website traffic, more leads and more sales.

What Do Our Free Local SEO Consultants Work?

Local SEO Audit

A local SEO audit is a test to identify areas of concern and highlight opportunities, applying our ranking technique where things can be improved. It works to maximize every opportunity to elevate you above your competitors.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is central to all aspects of your SEO strategy. Which words will your customers search with? What will be the intent of the word, whether it is a low competitive keyword? Consider using keyword research tools

SEO-Friendly Content

As part of improving your localization, we will create content on a scheduled/regular basis with relevant and locally focused content. For best results, we will select some high volume and low competitive keywords according to your business and write nice and neat content on them.

Content is Optimized According to Google’s Algorithm

Optimizing content according to Google’s algorithm is called on-page optimization. Like fixing SEO title, meta descriptions, include external links

GMB Profile Setup and Optimisation

Setting up a Google Business Profile is also vital to the greater success of your local business. 50% more likely to purchase if the Google Business Profile is optimized.

Google My Business Posts

Google Business Posts are a great way to share news, offers and company announcements with local customers

Google Reviews

Online reviews are an important part of online business because many customers read Google reviews and base their purchases on the site

Local link and Citation Building

Local citations are made up of your NAP data (Name Address Phone). Content can be created and posted on various platforms, such as business directories, review websites, authority websites, event listings and social media profiles. Wherever your NAP is published online it is considered a citation and adds a nice boost to your local SEO.

Some Tips for Choosing a Free Local SEO Consultation

Get recommendations: Ask other businesses in your area for recommendations.

Read Reviews: Learn about their previous work or see reviews

Interview the consultant: Interview them to get a feel for their experience and expertise.

Certificate: Check if they are certified

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